Tutorial Hack Website 2020

Tutorial Hack Website 2020

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On this posting opportunity Mimin will provide an information. Information Types of types of hacker attacks on websites.

Various ways the hackers do an attack technique on a web. With the style and characteristics of each of the hackers in taking action. But at this time Mimin will provide an explanation of the attacks or basic techniques of hackers doing hacking to retrieve important data in it. The hallmark of a hacker is a symbol for cyber crime circles. Some leave words of wisdom, resistance, hatred and even challenges to website owners. Ok below I will explain one by one about the basic techniques of hacker attacks on the website.


Exploitation is a type of attack by exploiting the weakness of the server URL so it is very easy to upload a malicious file in it. Examples of exploitation more or less like this 


so the exploit is EXAMPLE / UPLOAD.PHP 

Remember !!! above is just an example, because many types of exploitation depend on what attacks the hacker is using.


Cracked is a type of attack that uses the "RANDOM" technique. So the hacker uses a variety of combination words and then enter one by one. This technique is commonly used to hack a social media account Examples of cracked attacks are more or less like below

USERNAM or EMAIL : [email protected]

PASSWORD : EXAMPLE123/234/345/321 etc That's just an example

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Carding is one of the hacker attacks to take some other people's money. This attack technique has been explained in the posting How to do carding 2019
So please read if you want to be clearer..

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Phishing is a type of hacker attack by utilizing the commonness of a person in the field of internet technology. The general way to do carding is to design the hacker's website to be similar to the original official website. Usually on the phishing website there is a LOGIN panel (gmail, social media, credit card)

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Cloning is a type of attack that utilizes the account owner forgets passwords, emails / usernames so that certain parties are considered dead because they are not open for a long period of time. And the type of cloning has also been explained in the posting  account Cloning

Maybe that's all that can be explained in this article posting. Hopefully more careful when surfing the internet world :) Thank you good luck and success will always be for you
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