3 How to block jingling on the latest website 2020

3 How to block jingling on the latest website 2020

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On this occasion Mimin will share a little about how to block Virua Jingling. For those who don't know what jingling is ??? Jingling is a person's activity to increase visitor blogger or website. Actually, this tool was first created to fool Google Adsense. Because when we use the jingling tools, our income will increase dramatically just enough to click on the ads themselves.

However, in the development of millennial technology, jingling activities are strictly prohibited by Google Adsense because it harms one party, Google Adsense. If the jingling activity continues, you can make sure your Andesense account will be blocked forever by Google AdSense.

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After being banned for personal use, jingling players are now starting to fad by poisoning someone's blogger or website so that the person feels disadvantaged. There are so many complaints about Jingling disease when Mimin opens a group on Facebook's social media. They complained that they were often attacked by the Jingling virus by irresponsible parties. The attack was not playing, once attack could be 3000-8000 visitors with a referral URL http://autotewas.blogspot.com.

Because Mimin is also a blogger, this time Mimin will share with Mimin himself by scanning our URL / Domain. Check out the explanation below for ways to anticipate that you won't be a victim of jingling.


Indiscriminate sharing of URLs can result in bloggers or website agans becoming victims of jingling. Because usually the perpetrators of jingling are on social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. So remember !!! STOP SHARE IN SHARES

2# Install the claudflare

By installing a cloud flare website or blogger we will be a little safe. Because the cloud flate system will automatically block the IP phone / pc / laptop if proven to jingling our website.

3# Scanning URL virus Total

Total virus scanning is a useful tool for checking all blogger or website data traffic. By scanning the URL agans can better know which layout is affected by the virus and immediately improve. Please scan the URL  HERE

For scanning results please see the image below. But this is only part of it as an example of scanning results

When all CLEAN means that your website or bloggers are free of viruses Thank you good luck and success always amen :)

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