5 ways to increase visitor blogger

5 ways to increase visitor blogger

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On this occasion we will learn how to increase visitor blogger traffic or website. Lots of friends ID blogger friends who complained about the lack of visitors on their articles. Because without realizing they have made the website or blogger problematic. Let's do a reset on blogger or our website in the way below

by using keywords that are viral automatically visitors flock to look for things that are viral. So for all of you ID blogger friends to always update the development of available information. Search for the article content that you will write and then search for the right keywords.

2# Simple solid and twelve

To write, usually a beginner ID blogger friend tends to be random and disorganized so that visitors find it difficult to digest the meaning of the article content that a friend wrote. So make a simple, accurate and concise explanation. Get used to always provide benefits for visitors.

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3. Artikel Content Tranding 

By writing a tranding topic article, you can be sure that your friend's article posting will flood domestic and foreign visitors.

4# Do not just install the template

as long as you install the template is very bad for the development on your website. Use responsive templates, SEO frendly. Mimin will exemplify how bad it is to use a random origin template. The example image below is TEMPLATE ORIGIN

Naah is very bad isn't it :) even worse is our lowest or most basic visitor.

 And this is an example using TEMPLATE SEO

very clear difference when using responsive seo templates

5# Use social media

using social media as a place to share is a good thing. But with the best share record possible because the perpetrators of jingling always lurking agans

Maybe that's all that can inform you about how to increase blogger or website traffic Good luck and success always for all friends :)

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