6 the impact of using auto click ads google adsense

6 the impact of using auto click ads google adsense

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On this happy occasion we will learn together about the impact when using auto click adsense ads. below mimin will explain what you will receive when using Auto Click Ads Google Adsense.

1# Subject to advertisement restrictions

For now, there are lots of blogger id friends who complained even to the point of despair because the advertisements on the blogger or website are affected by Google AdSense.

2# Bad for visitors

If your pop up ads system uses to trap visitors then make sure your blogger or website will be considered jingling by the google adsense.

3# Account temporarily banned

If you still use pop up advertisements, you will one day get a temporary banned account. Because it is deemed not to comply with Google Adsense regulations.

4# Violation

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You will be sent an email notifying you of a yellow card violation. The yellow card is a warning before your adsense account is banned forever.

5# Banned Permanent

If you ignore the problems that have been conveyed by Google Adsense and don't fix them immediately, then the AdSense account is automatically banned permanently.

6# Difficult to re-register

The trouble when we re-register our blogger or website with a new account. Because the adsense party already knows the URL of your blogger or website. It can be re-registered but it takes a longer and time-consuming process to wait.

above is the impact that you will get when using auto click ads on google adsense. So I suggest using the default ads goigle adsense only, because the google adsenae already provides AUTO ADVERTISING. But if you want to try yaaaa please :) Thank you, I hope it will be useful and successful for you all :).
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