How to place an amp ad on blogger

How to place an amp ad on blogger

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In this post article, it is still consistent with sharing an knowledge that Mimin has for education and learning facilities together.
On this occasion we will learn how to place AMP ads on a blogspot or website.

AMP is a new feature of Google Adsense for publishers. AMP feature is very useful for adsense players in particular. There's a lot that you can get from the AMP AD features. Okk Mimin will explain to any benefit if you use the AMP CLIMATE feature


AMP ads are very convenient to use by mobile users because they don't interfere while reading.


AMP advertisements will adjust to visitors. AMP ads have features change automatically depending on what the visitor is using


AMP ad performance is very good and easy to load by mobile users, PCs, laptops and computers


AMP Ad features can load ads or load very fast.


For publishers the AMP feature can increase revenue, due to the exact location of the ads

Above is an explanation of the advantages of using AMP 

ad features now is the time we do how to install AMP ads on bloggers or websites

1. Enter the Adsense account dashboard

2. Select the ad menu choose "ADVERTISEMENT"

3.Klik "SITE AMP"

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4.Take the AMP ad code and paste it in the section before for example can be seen in the picture below
"Code simple" just copy it to make it easier

<script async custom-element="amp-auto-ads" src=""> </script>

5.Take code part 2 and then paste it in the part before where the body scroll theme goes down please copy and replace the PUB CODE text with your PUB CODE

<amp-auto-ads type="adsense" data-ad-client="ca-pub-123456789xxxxxx"> </amp-auto-ads>

And below is How to install the code manually

The way to log into the blogger account and then go to LAYOUT and ADD SCRIPTJAVA / HTML then paste it on the form

<amp-ad data-ad-client=“ca-pub-123456789xxxx“ data-ad-slot=“54611“ height=“90” layout=“responsive” type=“adsense” width=“728”> </amp-ad>

above is to profit and how to place AMP ads on blogspot or wordpress Thank you good luck and success always for you guys amen :)
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