Cara Reset Keyword SEO Google 2020

Cara Reset Keyword SEO Google 2020

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On a hot afternoon this time: 'v mimin took time to share a tutorial on How to Reset Keyword 2019 in order to SEO Google. 
It's very important to reset Google's search engine keywords. Because keywords are an important point in the development of bloggers or agans websites. If we can reset the keywords then we can make sure our article posts will be able to compete with websites like tribunNews. 
Many complaints from Indonesian bloggers about TribunNews, for example, the smallest material must be embraced by TribunNews :).

But don't despair while trying to fight we will definitely be page one on the google search engine. How do I get ranked first in the Google search engine ??? 
You do this by continuing to work as creatively as possible.
 And the additional point in posting an article is to merest keywords. 
How do I reset Google's keywords without the help of tools ?? 
Ok, show me the right way to reset Google SEO keywords.

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1# Make content or articles first

Make articles or content that is creative without imitating someone's identity.

2# Make the title as sweet as possible

Sebeluk make the title it would be nice agans to search for keywords first on the google serach engine. Search for keywords according to the agans article and choose the top title

3# Label the article

By labeling articles it is very possible that our articles will be covered by all Google searches. If confused please see the picture below

Such is the example of making labels on our article posts

4# Add a search description

Adding a search description is the right thing so that our article is easy to find with keywords that we set in the search description. For example, see the picture below
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Adjust keywords with the article agans

5# Then save and preview

Save and preview first before publishing publicly to guard errors in writing For example like the picture below

If you've done everything now is the time to publish Good luck with luck on page one of the google search engine :)

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