Scan for viruses in andorid no root

Scan for viruses in andorid no root

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On this occasion we will learn how to scan for viruses on Android without root .
Because of the increasingly technological and system developments in the world, hackers increasingly advance methods in a variety of ways and methods, respectively.
ara cyber criminals or the internet, it seems endless. maybe because they just want to test the extent to which they are able to cultivate their mind and creativity.
But many good hackers tell you where the security hole is when they find the bug.

Usually the perpetrators of the virus insert a virus in a file, for example ZIP, RAR, APK and others.
Ok now we will learn how to analyze a virus that has been inserted into a file. see the tutorial below:

1# First please visit the site

2# Select the file you want to scan, can zip, rar, apk.
If you already will get information about the safe and unsafe file you scanned earlier. for example like the picture below:

If the file that we scan is safe, then there will be SAFE.

3# Scroll down and do an analysis of what is not safe in your file.

That is a way to analyze viruses via Android without root. 
Maybe that's all I can say for information about virus scans on Android this time. Wait for the next tutorial :) See you good luck trying good luck.

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