Duplicate content test

Duplicate content test

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Welcome Back To Elite066

On this occasion we will learn to analyze a content with tools.
 Why should be analyzed ??? 
Because we need to check whether our site is plagiarism in someone's article or not. 

The work of someone who is duplicated and then posted on a personal blog or website is a violation. 

Because the work cannot be duplicated without the content owner's approval or the signed article.

 If someone intentionally duplicates our content, then we must report and start takedown of the website. 

So for those of you be careful when writing content or articles, because it is possible that the content articles you created are duplicates. Then how to check duplicate content or not ?? 

So the way is: 

1. Enter the site http://www.siteliner.com/

 2. Write your URL address and click GO 

3. Wait for the website analysis to produce duplicate scan results.

 4. Analyze yourself, because later there will be an analysis result that comes out. 

5. Remove duplicate content if your website does not want to be reported and takedown by Google 

Maybe our learning today is enough to end here :) 
Look forward to the next review :) thanks

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